About BasePlus

BasePlus was founded in 2007 to provide a solution to a common Technology Industry problem. Before BasePlus, the successful outcome of telephone based, demand generation activities could only be measured by the number of ‘leads’ that were generated. The accuracy, quality and in many cases, even the reality of these leads was almost impossible to measure.

What happened to these leads? Were they engaged? Was a solution ever proposed? Was a meeting arranged and attended? Was any business transacted? Was there any return on investment? All of these business critical questions remained unanswered.

BasePlus began with a small business development team and an entirely fresh approach to the generation, qualification, management and tracking of sales opportunities. With a passion for delivering tangible returns on our Clients’ investments; BasePlus has grown year on year, winning an ever increasing number of global technology vendor; distribution and key reseller clients along the way.

BasePlus is still unique in providing Opportunity Lifecycle Management solutions for every sales opportunity generated and evolving our services in line with the changing requirements of our clients.

In 2011, following a period of continuous expansion, the company moved to its current home at BasePlus House in Northwich, Cheshire.